reco (our version of a quick tip): Find moments throughout the day where you can chat and learn about your co-worker's hobbies and interests, this will go a long way in building trust.

Fostering relationships at work is crucial not only for professional reasons but also for personal ones. At a minimum, you spend 40 hours of the week in the office (or remotely nowadays) working on projects with co-workers to reach your team and company objectives. And those people that you interact with day-in and day-out have a heavy influence on your success in the workplace and your overall…

reco (it’s our version of a quick tip): Besides practicing making perfect, you should focus on delivering three key points that you’re wanting your audience to leave with.

Presenting is a tough skill to hone but one that can really help you accelerate your career. When opportunities present themself for you to present yourself, take them. A solid presentation in front of senior leaders makes you memorable and can open doors when the time arises. Being a good presenter will also allow you to communicate better to a wider audience and build a positive internal brand for yourself. …

reco (our version of a quick tip): Remember that most companies will never give you their highest and best offer right out of the gate, it’s okay to push back and ask for more.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re negotiating a job offer is that the recruiter/hiring manager has a certain range that they can offer you and more often than not their first offer is not their best. One reason that a pay gap exists across almost every industry and job level is that those who counter their very first offer immediately change the trajectory of…

reco (our version of a quick tip): Find someone on LinkedIn that has a career path you’re interested in emulating and ask them how they got to their current role, be specific with your follow-up questions.

Career pathing starts first and foremost with understanding yourself and where your passions lie. Couple this with what you’re skills are and you’ll have a good idea of the type of work you would like to do, but now you need to do some research on what are actual job positions that align with both.

The great thing about today’s world is that your…

reco (our version of a quick tip): Don’t overthink what value you have to offer when networking, it can be as simple as a podcast recommendation.

Building a network is critical to your career growth as you become more and more experienced. And you don’t necessarily need to be an extrovert to grow your network day-in and day-out. But first, you should start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What can I offer my network?
  • What do I want out of my network?
  • How much time do I have to commit?

What can I offer my network?

This question is crucial as social capital works the…

reco (our version of a quick tip): Make sure you’re including the impact you had through a key metric for each applicable bullet point.

Every minute that is spent crafting your resume is well spent. It’s what gets you through most recruiter screens, and what ensures that a hiring manager calls you up to learn more about you; whether you were referred by someone or applied through the career portal.

Resumes should be a summary of your professional accomplishments and should highlight not only the impact you had on your company but also should show off your personality so that…

reco (our version of a quick tip): Try different structures for your 1–1 and try to find one that is most conducive to your working relationship.

Whether you’re the manager or the direct report, an effective 1–1 is important for any team no matter the size.

1–1s are a time to touch base on projects and to discuss any critical issues that may be top of mind for either person, but this time should also be spent learning about career aspirations and personal goals. …


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